Travancoreensis || Pied kingfisher of Punchakkari || 2 Photographs

This is a medium-sized kingfisher, about 25 cm (9.8 in) long with a white with a black mask, a white supercilium and black breast bands. The crest is neat and the upperparts are barred in black.

  • Dimension :1248 x 854 Pixels
  • Device : Canon EOS 200D
  • Focal Length : 250 mm
  • Aperture : f/9.0
  • ISO : 800
  • Exposure Time : 1/1000 s

Several subspecies are recognized within the broad distribution. The nominate race is found in sub-Saharan Africa, extending into West Asia. The subspecies syriacus is a larger northern bird similar to the nominate subspecies (following Bergmann’s rule). 

  • Dimension : 3527 x 2352 Pixels
  • Device : Canon EOS 200D
  • Focal Length : 250 mm
  • Aperture : f/5.6
  • ISO : 100
  • Exposure Time : 1/1000 s

Subspecies leucomelanura is found from Afghanistan east into India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Laos. The subspecies travancoreensis of the Western Ghats is darker with the white reduced. The subspecies C. r. insignis is found in Hainan and southeastern China and has a much larger bill. Males have a narrow second breast-band while females have a single broken breast band.

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